So there’s my new Smash 3dsxl that my cat if very interested in :v.

In other news I ran a Smash 4 3ds demo tournament tonight at my worj and it was pretty fun tbh. My wife got to hang out with her friends and stuff and I had fun seeing my buds and met some new smash players that were pretty chill. Funny enough tho it came down to me and my friend in finals 3-2 with me winning. In result that means I won my 1st tourney I’ve ran at work so that pretty cool. After that me and two friends had a speed run race of Super Mario World which was crazy close until we got to the last level in star world right before Bowser’s Castle. We all keep messing up trying to beat the level but James got through it and beat Bowz on his 2nd try while me and Chris just got in the castle. Once we left we went to waffle house to shoot shit, drink soda, and talk about doing another speed run race.

All and all great tournament night-


If you woke up this morning and thought “I need a gif of Reggie Fils-Aime preparing his pancakes” well I have you covered buddy.


Canada confirmed as best smash players.

Go make your own hype roster nerds!


Sakurai Explains Why Ice Climbers Aren’t In Smash Bros Wii U And Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly Famitsu column why the Ice Climbers weren’t included in…




And that’s why they’re friends.

oh my god that made me feel SO HAPPY

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Masahiro Sakurai and the Smashing Grail.


Masahiro Sakurai and the Smashing Grail.

Damn that’s worse than what we did in hs-

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I can’t even caption this…

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Fall is upon us